Monday, February 12, 2007


AIDA aids by making your communications stronger. It's an acronym for
  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

I learned of AIDA years ago from Brian Tracy and thought he was the originator (perhaps in 21 Ways To Become A Sales Superstar). I promptly forgot. Maybe AIDA influenced me subconsciously. I stumbled upon AIDA earlier today. The intended use seems to be writing advertising copy but AIDA is also useful for emails, blogging, selling, and conversations. Here's how it works.


Attract the reader with your headline. For example, I used AIDA AIDS to intrigue you. There's an element of deceit. Both words look similar but AIDS is the one that probably caught your attention because of the disease. Which this post isn't about. A more honest title is AIDA Aids, but that's less captivating. To keep from crying "bait & switch", I explain the title in the first sentence. Do you forgive me?


Once the headline grabs you, it's time for the content to keep your interest. Showing benefits (not features, right?) is probably the best technique. How about describing the success others have had using AIDA?


Now it's time to encourage you to want to do something. For example, using AIDA increases your success by encouraging clients/prospects/readers/teacher to rebuy/buy/read/grade.


Finally, it's time to encourage you to act. Create a sense of urgency and make it easy to back out. For example, try AIDA for the next week. If it doesn't help you, then stop using it. And risk losing out to others who master the techniques.

Reality Check: Chances are that you implicitly use techniques like AIDA. Maybe you can use them better. I focus on tuning in to your favourite radio station, WII FM (What's In It For Me?)

What techniques work for you?

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