Thursday, February 15, 2007

AIDA And The Economist

Was AIDA AIDS deceptive? That post described the Attention - Interest - Desire - Action sequence. Look at what The Economist did in their Feb 8, 2007 issue. The heading looks like this:

Pensions for musicians
When they're 64
What do musicians do when they rock towards retirement?

There was photo of Keith Richards above the fold in his wrinkly splendour singing and playing guitar.
Watch for Richards as Johnny Depp's dad in
Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End, sailing May 25th. What excellent casting.

So what's the article about? The Stones receiving government pensions? Not close. The topic is poor musicians in Texas lacking health care and pensions. Tell me something I couldn't have guessed. There are lots of Americans in that situation. Don't worry because "... there are always benefit concerts for the truly destitute". Be happy.

Listen class. This article did capture Attention but then fell flat and caused resentment because of the
  • misleading photo
  • lack of meaningful content

The burning question remains unanswered. Will The Stones have enough to retire? Or will they be forced to tour again?

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