Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Blogging Without An Audience

Why bother blogging unless you've got oodles of readers? Seth Godin raises this interesting point in If no one reads your post, does it exist? but he doesn't have this problem.

Write and readers will eventually come later. Maybe years later. Won't it be interesting to see your history? Won't you find your history interesting too?

Writing is a form of thinking. Editing is a form of refining your thinking. So you benefit when you write even if no one reads. I've mentioned my Spark Insight blog to several people but even my family doesn't read regularly. Maybe that's good because they think I'm working when I'm actually posting :)

The beauty of blogging is the simplicity. It's not like writing a book where the task looks so daunting that you don't start. That's why I haven't written The Great Novel yet :)

I just started blogging a few weeks ago. I felt quite vulnerable after the first posts. I was afraid to invite readers, especially business colleagues. What if they don't like me? I got over that quickly by setting up two other blogs. I've now got
  • Spark Insight for personal topics
  • Riscario to help consumers reduce their financial risks (public service)
  • Insellia to help insurance specialists sell (work-related)
I'm experimenting with techniques to boost readership (eg email updates through Zookoda). Even 10 readers would be an improvement. Then 25, 50, 100, ...

When the readers show up, there will be stuff to read. So right now, I'm honing my skills and creating content. Maybe I'll write a book like Big Is The New Small consisting solely of old blog posts :)


Peter McGarvey said...

Promod, it sometimes feels like the tree that falls in the forest. Does anyone hear us? I know that some people regularly view my blog because I get comments. I have to assume that others do as well.

I am constantly promoting my site by doing simple things like listing it as part of the signature on every e mail I send out.

Keep plugging and have faith. If you build it they will come.


Promod said...

Thanks for your comments Peter. Right now, I'm trying to get TrackBacks working so that my comments can be linked to Seth's post. Blogger doesn't have this feature, which is puzzling.

Thanks for telling about Seth Godin. He has many modern, contrarian ideas.