Saturday, February 3, 2007

Measure twice

Measure twice and cut once. That's sage advice when working with physical material. The same adage need not apply online.

I'm looking for a site which allows all of the following:
  • blogging (like here :)
  • file posting
  • wiki (so others can contribute)
  • option to turn off advertising for a fee (like
  • option for password access (like or
  • "unlimited" space (more than the measly 10 MB available at
  • ease of use (like
These capabilities are certainly available. But not in one spot. I thought the solution was Netcipia and started up, but they aren't reliable at this time. They don't even have an option to backup your site right now. That's scary. I can't build a blog on a site that may not last.

So I'm relegated to using different services until I find what I'm looking for. I'd rather not host my own site, because of the hassles on maintenance.

I'm a big fan of Google. So I figure that by blogging here, I'll at least have some assurance that this service will remain in service :)

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