Thursday, March 1, 2007

Fighting Lame Cover Letters

Peter McGarvey blogs about the lameness of his cover letters. And he's a communication expert. Here's my perspective...

Do resumes and cover letters stand out anymore? Perhaps there is a way to create something different. How about a website with examples of your work? More detail would be a click away. You could show the URL in your emails etc.

To start, you can register your name as a domain name. I'm working along these lines. I just registered for $4.95 US at For .ca, consider ($12.95). I've used both. While it's easy to get a .ca (if you're Canadian), you'll spend more and lose out on the cachet of a .com.

For a twist, you could link an attribute to your name (eg, I was considering but decided to follow the convention.

The next step is to create a website. Because of my interest in "open source communication", I'm using a free wiki at I'll have links to my blogs, relevant websites, samples of my work, and even a photo or two. I can add more over time. The site could become a book length biography, over the years. That could be interesting (at least to me)

While I'm not looking for a job, I do want to give the people I meet (consumers, financial advisors) an option to find out more about me. Like you, I don't like tooting my horn, but if you don't promote yourself, who will? So why not offer one place in the world that's all about you?

You could even sell t-shirts!

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