Sunday, May 6, 2007

Spider-Man 3 and Making Money From Your Blog

(Minor spoiler alert: references to some minor events in Spider-Man 3)
Watching Spider-Man 3 today got me thinking. Yes, there's more story than needed, but not too much to cause confusion. It's worth watching.

Peter Parker has such appeal because he's so real. You can relate to his problems. He faces many hurdles in class, such as being bothered in class by spit balls and having light reflected into his face. He wants to buy Mary-Jane Watson an engagement ring but doesn't have the money. He rides an old scooter. He lives in a dumpy apartment. He can't even afford a telephone. Luckily there's a payphone in the hall.

The Money
But he's Spider-Man too --- or should that be "3" ;). New Yorkers love him. He's not unsung, but he's unpaid. He could certainly use money but he doesn't ask. If he were offered money, would he take it?

Is money fairly distributed? According to Business 2.0, the first two Spider-Man movies grossed $1.6 billion US. Marvel comics received about $75 million in licensing fees. Their cut of DVD sales is less than 1%. Tobey Maguire, who plays Spider-Man, earned $4 million for #1, $16 million for #2 and #3. The studio, Sony, makes most of the money. But they take most of the risk too.

Connection With Blogs
Recently, I've read several blogs whose owners are looking for ways to make money. That's fine, but that's not what Spider-Man would do. He'd do what's right regardless of the payoff. Even when wearing the black suit.

So maybe bloggers need to write about what they know and like, measure results and then finetune. This way they're true to themselves, like Spider-Man. Maybe Peter Parker should start blogging and selling his photos online. That's using spidey-sense.

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